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In my experience as a fishing guide, nothing thrills me more than to see parents with their kids aboard my boat; one of them battling a big shark on a little bass rod. It's an A+ experience when it's the kid that's hooked up.

None-the-less, it is rewarding for sure - in ways I can only do my best to describe.

Shark fishing is not only a great way to introduce young ones to our beloved fishery, and the sport of fishing itself, but it also helps all of those involved to better understand these beautiful creatures. I have found that the best intro into shark fishing can best be done without leaving the bay. Sure, San Diego does host some fantastic offshore (mostly pelagic) shark species such as Mako; Blue, and Thresher. We also have excellent nearshore, and bay shark fishing like Angel Shark; Horn Shark, Smoothound Sand Shark, Shovel Nosed Shark, and the ever popular Leopard Shark.

The best thing about fishing for sharks within San Diego Bay is you don't have to worry about ocean swells and harsh conditions. You can fish shallow protected waters, and many of the fish can be had on medium to medium/heavy bass gear. So you really don't need specialty equipment, wire leaders, or any extra training like you would on a big shark hunt.

Be warned though, like my buddy said the other day when he hooked a five foot long shovel nosed shark, while fishing in his kayak, "I think I'm gonna need a bigger boat." Okay, maybe he borrowed that line from a movie.

Whether you fish with a guide like myself, or get out on your own, there are many fun species of shark that are more than willing to play year round in San Diego. So grab the kids, get out there, and have some fun.

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